Eggarton Manor Donkey Wheel, Godmersham

A animal-powered mill in the historic county of Kent, England.

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This Jacobean manor house has a donkey wheel attached to it which could well be of the same date. It is 4.57m (15ft) diameter and 914mm (3ft) wide and last worked in 1923. Maidstone TQ7656 Maidstone Museum. The treadwheel from Great Culand Farm, Burham, was moved here in 1955. This wheel is 3.65m (12ft) diameter and 914mm (3ft) wide and has the unique feature of being boarded up on the side nearest the wall. Although the size would indicate a use by men only, it is known to have been worked by dogs at the end of its working life. There are photographs on display of the wheel in its original position.

Full details

Power source Animal
Mill type
Mill function
Archive ID 10988
Location Godmersham
Historic county Kent
Country England, United Kingdom
NGR TR 079 505
Latitude/longitude 51.21583800, 0.97547110



  • Major, J. K. Animal-Powered Engines (B.T. Batsford Ltd London, 1978)


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