Map collection

The oldest map in the collection is a Great Britain Road map dated 1795 that once belonged to Sir Francis Blake.  The largest proportion of the maps are Ordnance Survey maps of different series and various scales dating from the early 19th century.   These are mostly English and Welsh counties; Scotland and Northern Ireland are less fully covered.

Another substantial part of the collection are World War II Military Maps based on the Ordnance Survey but not related to the National Grid references, making it difficult for the enemy to get reference points.  The mapmakers also excluded military bases and other sensitive places, not realizing that the enemy had done aerial surveys across Great Britain and the gaps on our maps were futile.

In addition to the original maps we have modern facsimiles of old maps, such as a 1797 map of Norfolk.

Click the links below to open Excel spreadsheets listing the maps in our collection. If you wish to arrange to view any of the maps, please contact us.

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