Wind Grist Mills on Aquidneck Island

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    Pannagio, Leonard J [Author]

    Publisher Middletown Historical Society
    Year of publication 1992

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    Wind & watermills > Rest of the World (not Europe) > USA


    Scope & contentA booklet on the mills of Aquidneck Island, Rhode Island, USA.
    Includes information on smock mills and their history on Rhode Island. Millers called the Rhode Island windmills 'smock mills' because supposedly they resembled a countryman wearing a smock.
    Gives information on the history of windmills on Aquidneck Island,- gives information on their function and design. Gives detail on slight differences in type that occurred.
    Gives information on specific parts of the windmills- sails, posts, windshafts and brakewheels. Includes information on mill stones.
    Includes the history of the millers in the area from the 1600s- gives the family history of key mill owners and workers.
    Key mills include the Thomas Goud Mill, Harkness Mill, Wyatt Mill, and Doris Duke Mill. Includes key pieces of literature on the mills and mill workers.

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    • 1: The Windmill
    • 2: Tale of the Windmills
    • 3: Mills to Remember