Bulletin of the Fluvanna County Historical Society

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    McGehee, Henry Corr [Author]
    McGehee, Minnie Lee [Author]

    Publisher Fluvanna County Historical Society
    Year of publication 1970

    English (main text)

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    Wind & watermills > Rest of the World (not Europe) > USA


    Scope & contentA booklet on the old mills of Fluvanna County, Virginia USA. Contents includes information of mills in literature, e.g. Robert Louis Stevenson.

    Includes information on the role of mills in family and community life. 2. Early Records and Mills 3. Wood's Map of 1820- Wood listed 14 mills. 4. Creek Mills- Includes mills in Ballenger Creek, Byrd Creek, Carys Creek, Bremo Creek, Little Bremo Creek, Rockfish Creek- Seven Isles.5. James River- Middleton Mills 6. Hardware River- Kidd's Mill. 7. I Remember, I remember- includes a tale written by Wood- memories of Kidd's Mill. 8. They Ground Exceedingly Fine- includes information on water wheels- itineraries etc. 9. Millers, Mills and Mechunk 10. Solitude Stands 11. Rivanna River Mills- includes, The Union Mills, Palmyra Mills, Carysbrook Plantation Mill, and "De Kingfish": Rivanna Mills

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    Divisions within this publication

    • 1: Mills of Yesterday
    • 2: Early Records and Mills
    • 3: Wood's Map of 1820
    • 4: Creek Mills
    • 5: James River- Middleton Mills
    • 6: Hardware River- Kidd's Mill.
    • 7: I Remember, I remember
    • 8: They Ground Exceedingly Fine
    • 9: Millers, Mills and Mechunk
    • 10: Solitude Stands
    • 11: Rivanna River Mills