Growing Food and the Story of the Old Mill: The Old Windmill: Owned by the Town of Chatham, Mass. Maintained by the Park Commission.

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    Walker Guild, Alice [Author]

    Publisher Chatham Historical Society. Chatham Massachusetts.
    Year of publication 1956

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    Wind & watermills > Rest of the World (not Europe) > USA


    Scope & contentThis booklet gives information on the history of the Old Windmill in Chatham, Massachusetts.
    The first section gives information on the early settlers in Chatham (1663-4) and their needs (fire, food and clothing). Gives information on other occupations such as fishing.Includes a section on the grains that were used/ created at the mill. Mostly oats, wheat, rye and corn were the cereals raised.

    Includes information on the process of grinding grain and creating cereals. The main sections include information on the Old Windmill. Prior to 1700 there were no mills in Chatham and no source of power except wind. A water mill was build in Chathamport after 1800 to make blocks for the salt works. It was never used for grinding There was another water mill built in 1660, in the area now known as Brewster. After 1700 the choice to build a church in Chatham led to the construction of the Old Mill.The Old Mill was built in 1707 by Colonel Godfrey in 1707 on the hill of Stage Harbor Road.Includes a section on the daily routine of farmers, and those who used the mill. Section entitled Going to the Mill.

    Also includes a section on the description and operation of the mill. Gives information on the mill products and their uses. For example, the sale of rye was mentioned frequently in the records kept by stores. The last section gives information on all the known owners of the Mill.

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