Wind- und Wasserkraft: Die Nutzung regenerierbarer Energiequellen in der Geschichte

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    English titleWind and water: the use of regenerative energy sources in history
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    Bayerl, Günter (ed) [Author]

    Publisher VDI-Verlag
    Year of publication 1989

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    Energy & power > Windmills
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    Collection of papers delivered at a symposium on mill history held in Hamburg in November 1985.The papers are divided into 5 sections.The sections cover: sources for mill research; mills and legal history; the capacity of hydro power and its limits; industrialisation and the choice of energy system; using mill research in teaching.

    The book is illustrated with maps, drawings and tables. Two papers are in English, one titled “From windmill to steam engine water pumping: innovations in the Netherlands during the 19th century”, and the other “The energy basis of the British Industrial Revolution”.

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