Mühlenbau – Wasserräder und Windmühlen bewahren und erhalten

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    English titleMillwrighting: conserving and preserving water wheels and windmills
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    Schnelle, Werner [Author]

    Publisher Verlag Bauwesen
    Year of publication 1999

    German (main text)

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    Arts, culture and heritage > Traditional millwrighting


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    A comprehensive guide to millwrighting. The first section deals with choice of timber.The second section covers windmills: their history, types, computation of wind power, positioning of sails; and describes the construction of the different types.The third section is devoted to water wheels: history, types, computation of water power, construction of wheels and shafts and maintenance.The fourth section describes the milling process and the different parts: millstones, cogs, sifting, sack hoists.The final part outlines miller’s lore, such as understanding the weather and keeping the mill parts greased.

    The book is copiously illustrated with detailed diagrams and a few photos.

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