Das Wasser auf den Berg zu schaffen; Die Grünberger Brunnenkunst

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    English titleGetting the water uphill; the pumping system in Grünberg
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    von Reitzenstein, Dagmar [Author]

    Publisher Stadt Grünberg
    Year of publication 1993

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    Water supply & management > Irrigation & drainage

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    A description of water distribution in Grünberg, starting with a general history of the subject from the Roman period to the Middle Ages.A pumping system required: a water wheel to provide the initial energy, a main shaft with pumps attached to it, a pressure pipe to force the water upwards, and distribution basins.

    Twelve pumping stations are known in Germany from before 1500, of which only two had a pressure pipe running through open land, including the one in Grünberg, where water had to be raised 55m. The booklet then goes into detail about the development of the Grünberg pumping system, from the first documented version in 1419 to the construction of a modern water tower with a storage capacity of 1,500 m3 in 1974/5.

    The text is illustrated with labelled diagrams of different kinds of pumping system; some of the other illustrations appear to be reprints of photos, which are less clear.
    KeywordsGermany, Drainage, pumps & wells, Archaeology & history

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