Die Märbelmühle

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    English titleThe marble mill
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    Aumann, G [Author]
    Stubenrauch, A [Author]


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    Mining & extraction > Chalk, clay & stone

    Scope & contentSummary TranslationApparently photocopied and stapled version, on flimsy paper, of a booklet based on the collections of the Coburg Museum of Natural Science. Marble production was once an important industry in the Coburg area, exporting all over the world. The text lists names by which they are known, and describes the way the stone was prepared by hand. It then describes in detail how they were ground into spherical shapes in a water powered mill and then polished. Other topics covered are the counting of marbles, the work of the miller (whose margins were extremely small), the marble trade and the history of the marble industry.The article is illustrated with maps, diagrams and pictures of the marble making process.
    KeywordsMillwrighting, Milling, Germany, Grinding, Archaeology & history

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