Die Müllerei zwischen industrieller und wissenschaftlich-technischer Revolution

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    English titleMilling between the industrial and scientific and technical revolution
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    Gleisberg, Hermann [Author]


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    Scope & contentSummary TranslationApparently an offprint from an unnamed journal, summarising the evolution of milling from the 18th century and the transition from craft to industrial production. It covers steam-powered mills, automated mills, modern water turbines, middlings purifiers, roller mills, sifting, the use of compressed air for the conveyance of mill stock, the use of air jets, and a brief look forward to the mill of the year 2000. Examples are taken from different countries, mainly the German-speaking world and the United States.The booklet is illustrated with diagrams and photographs.It bears the stamp of the Grimma Mill Museum, which was headed by the author and was the first mill museum in the GDR.

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