Meesters en molens: van Rembrandt tot Mondriaan

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    English titleMasters and mills from Rembrandt to Mondrian
    Authors & editors

    Endedijk, Leo [Author]
    Dumas, Charles [Author]
    van der Drift, Leo [Author]
    Laurentius, Theo [Author]

    Publisher Waanders Uitgevers
    Year of publication 2007

    Dutch (main text)

    Medium Book

    Arts and culture

    Scope & contentOld masters paintings of Dutch windmills llustrated with reproductions of paintings, sketches and drawings.Foreword by Frieda van Diepen-Oost, Chair, Year of the Mill 2007Introduction by André van HeemstraThe first chapter, ‘Mills and their origins’, specifies the types of mills found in the Netherlands, illustrated by landscape paintings.The second chapter ‘Rembrandt’s mill’, describes the painter’s treatment of mills in his art.The remainder of the book consists of a catalogue of 138 works portraying mills, in chronological order painted between the 16th and 20th centuries. Bibliography. List of molinological terms. List of artists (alphabetical).

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