Die Segelwindmühle mit dem Mühlenmuseum in Lemkenhafen auf Fehmarn

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    English titleThe windmill and mill museum in Lemkenhafen on Fehmarn
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    Wiepert, Peter [Author]

    Publisher Verein zur Sammlung Fehmarnscher Altertümer
    Year of publication 1980

    German (main text)

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    Scope & contentSummary TranslationPersonal account by a local history researcher of a windmill on the Baltic island of Fehmarn, built in 1787. It describes the history of the mill and stories of the millers, and the development of the mill until it stopped operations in 1954. It was then bought by the Schleswig-Holstein government, and since 1961 has been open as a museum. The second half of the booklet describes in detail the operation of the mill as displayed to visitors.The booklet contains some words and expressions in the local dialect.This is an expanded version of a booklet first published in 1962

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