Mühlen im Brookmerland

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English titleGerman mill guides: mills in the Brookmerland
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Janssen, Albert [Author]
Redinius, Hinrich [Author]
Scheweling, Gundolf [Author]
Scheweling, Torsten [Author]

Publisher Vereinigung zur Erhaltung der Wind- und Wassermühlen in Niedersachsen und Bremen
Year of publication 1994

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SeriesDeutsche Mühlenführer:
No. in series6

Wind & watermills > Other Europe (not GB) > Germany, Austria & Switzerland


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A guide to the mills of the Brookmerland region of East Frisia, which was traditionally rich in windmills, but of which by the time of writing only one remained as a functioning mill, while six others (one of them a water pumping mill) had been converted to other uses. There is a detailed description of the types of windmill found in northern Germany and of the construction and machinery of Dutch mills.

The text goes on to describe the history of seven named mills, including the Wirdum water pumping mill. It continues with descriptions of other scoop wheel drainage mills in the area. It ends with a brief description of horsemills, of which there may have been three in the area. Although there were a few watermills in castles and monasteries, there was only one used for industrial purposes in East Frisia, namely to drive the machinery in a cooper’s workshop.

The text ends with information about wind energy and the prospects for wind energy in the future. This is followed by a glossary of mill terms. The names of mill associations in the Brookmerland are listed, as well as information about the conservation of mills in Lower Saxony and Bremen.The booklet is richly illustrated with photos and diagrams.

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