Internationales Mühlenmuseum, Suhlendorf

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    English titleSuhlendorf international mill museum
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    Anon, [Author]

    Publisher Internationales Mühlenmuseum, Suhlendorf
    Year of publication 1975

    German (main text)

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    Scope & contentSummary TranslationBrochure about the International Mill Museum in Suhlendorf, Lower Saxony, featuring 26 windmills from Germany (8), Portugal (1), Netherlands (5), Greece (1), Iran (2), France (1), South Africa (1), Yugoslavia (Serbia) (1), the Soviet Union (Ukraine) (2), Austria (1), Ireland (1), Spain (1) and Egypt(1). Each page consists of a sepia photo and a caption. Some of the captions refer to the specific mill illustrated, while others are generic. Some are unusual or unique, including the combined water and wind mill at Hüven; a windmill powered sawmill in Koog an der Zaan; a wind powered mill in Khorasan province in Iran which has a vertical rather than a horizontal shaft, like a revolving door; the only windmill in Austria, at Retz; the last surviving windmill in Wexford, whose sails – possibly uniquely - turn clockwise; a windmill from the Alexandria region of Egypt, one of the oldest in the world.Each of the two centre pages contains a diagram of a post mill, with a brief overview of the development of mills.The illustrations on the front cover include four diagrams of the positioning of windmill sails to convey messages, with explanations of what they mean. At the front of the brochure is a hand-written dedication (without a dedicatee) by Horst Wrobel, the maker of the models, dated 27th April, 1977.
    KeywordsSpain & Portugal, Netherlands, Ireland, Greece, Germany, France, Eastern Europe, Belgium, Austria, Archaeology & history

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