Dessauer Kulturspiegel – 225 Jahre Jonitzer Mühle

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    English titleDessau Culture Mirror – 225th anniversary of the Jonitz Mill
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    Zühlke, Gerhard [Author]

    Year of publication 1955

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    Wind & watermills > Other Europe (not GB) > Germany, Austria & Switzerland


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    An article about the Jonitz mill on pages removed from a general journal about cultural affairs in Dessau. The mill was built in 1729, and has been in the hands of the same family since 1779. The article outlines the history of the mill. It is not known what the original mill looked like; the prince of Anhalt-Dessau sold it to the miller in 1779 on condition that he rebuilt it entirely. He was also allowed to build a cutting mill. In the 19th century the mill expanded greatly, despite burning down three times. The final rebuilding, after a massive fire in 1883, is what can be seen today.

    But inside, modern technology replaced the old equipment. In 1906 the barley peeling mill burned down; it was replaced by a silo. The storage capacity has since then been increased. The mill wheel was replaced by a modern turbine in 1910. The Dessau mill was destroyed in 1945, and the Jonitz mill had to take over the entire supply of flour to Dessau. The article has two black-and-white photos, one of the mill 1825-61, and one of the mill today. This article consists of four loose pages taken physically from a general journal about cultural affairs in Dessau, whose front cover it retains.

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