Museum Wassermühle Höfgen

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    English titleHöfgen water mill museum
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    Gleisberg, Hermann [Author]

    Publisher Kreismuseum Grimma

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    Wind & watermills > Other Europe (not GB) > Germany, Austria & Switzerland


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    The water mill on the river Mulde at Höfgen, near Grimma in Saxony, has probably existed in its current shape since at least 1715. The text lists the millers from that time on. It stopped operating in 1954 and was handed over to the public in 1976, after which it was restored by the Grimma district museum.

    The next section is a general introduction to the role of millers and how they were perceived.The final section is a tour of the mill, with a detailed description of how the mill itself worked, and of the bread oven, which, unusually, was built in the middle of the house. The oven was also used for cakes, to dry fruit, and to roast flax.Also in the mill are reconstructions of two rooms like those where the miller’s family would have lived, and three figures representing a miller, his wife and a millwright, taken from a different mill and probably made in 1704.

    The booklet black-and-white photos of the interior of the mill, including some of its equipment, and a sketch map. A photo of the three figures is printed on the back cover.

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