Das südhessische Mühlenbüchlein

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    English titleThe South Hesse Mill Booklet
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    Reitz, Heinz [Author]

    Publisher Sammlung zur Volkskunde in Hessen
    Year of publication 1984

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    Wind & watermills by Region > Other Europe (not GB) > Germany, Austria & Switzerland

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    In South Hesse there was a general lack of energy sources in the plain; water mills were the commonest type of mill, but there were also a few floating mills on the Rhine and Main. Windmills were introduced in the 18th century, but without much success.The booklet details the economy of milling in South Hesse and the regulations governing the work of millers. It also looks briefly at the types of grain being ground. Millers and their wives were the subject of numerous stories and songs. The booklet looks at the working conditions of millers, who often had to be their own handymen. A further chapter describes developments in the 19th and 20th centuries.South Hesse was also the location of a number of specialised mills, which are described in detail, for the production of vegetable oil, hemp, plaster, paper, gunpowder and barite powder (for making white lead); also fulling mills, tanning mills, cutlery grinding mills, sawmills and smelting mills. An appendix describes in detail the oil press in the Balkhäuser Valley near Jugenheim, and the book ends with the inventories of three different kinds of mill, in Ernsthofen, Aschbach and Babenhausen. The booklet is copiously illustrated with historic sketches, drawings and diagrams, as well as black-and-white photos. The illustrations depict not only mills and mill equipment but also people at work and badges and signs connected with mills. Two maps show the location of mills (but without naming them) around 1830.
    KeywordsMillwrighting, Milling, Germany, Timber, Textiles, Paper, Olive and other domestic oils, Leather, Iron & steel, Gunpowder, Cereals, People, Fiction & poetry, Archaeology & history

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