Technische Denkmale im Bezirk Potsdam

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    English titleTechnological monuments in the Potsdam area
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    Weber, Herbert [Author]

    Publisher Bezirksvorstand Potsdam der Gesellschaft für Denkmalpflege
    Year of publication 1982

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    Wind & watermills > Other Europe (not GB) > Germany, Austria & Switzerland


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    The introduction explains the history, selection and conservation of industrial monuments, while the individual chapters deal with specific examples in the Potsdam area.The monuments described include the paltrok mill in Saalow, in the Zossen district.

    The Saalow mill was built in 1903 as a post mill, and stood on the Mühlenberg until 1935. It was then dismantled and rebuilt as a paltrok mill in its current location at the entrance to the town. Until 1966 it was wind-operated; then until 1971 it had an electric motor with which it continued to produce grist and mixed fodder. The mills was restored in 1974-5; work was partly state-financed, and partly by the owner who bought it in 1972. Work was carried out by the owner and local people. It is almost entirely operational. The mode of transmission from the sails to the grinder is described.

    The mill is open to visitors. The article ends with an inventory (not necessarily complete) of mills of different types – both wind and water – in the Potsdam area drawn up between 1975 and 1978.Four black-and-white photos show the Saalow mill at different stages of its existence.

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