Mühlengespräch mit Mühlengeist Pumphut im Herbst 1986

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    English titleMill talk with mill spirit Pumphut, autumn 1986
    Authors & editors

    Maywald, Bernd [Author]

    Publisher Kulturband der DDR
    Year of publication 1986

    German (main text)

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    Wind & watermills by Region > Other Europe (not GB) > Germany, Austria & Switzerland

    Scope & contentSummary TranslationBooklet about the activities of mill enthusiasts in the GDR, listing mill by mill restoration work being carried out on mills of different kinds and work that needs to be done. The title refers to a figure from Sorbian folklore, Pumphut, a magician who knows all about mills.Most of the illustrations are general sketches, but there is a sketch of the workings of the Klein Ziethen paltrok mill and another of the planned poll end for the Busby paltrok mill.
    KeywordsMillwrighting, Milling, Germany, People, Fiction & poetry, Archaeology & history

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