Der hölzerne Tretkran am Alten Hafen in Stade

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    English titleThe wooden treadwheel crane in the Old Harbour of Stade
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    Schlichtmann, Hans-Otto [Author]

    Publisher Friedrich Schaumburg
    Year of publication 1977

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    Energy & power > Muscle power

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    Brochure about the treadwheel crane in the fish market in Stade (Lower Saxony). It was first mentioned in 1337, burned down in 1659 and rebuilt in 1661.The text describes the functioning of the crane, its history and improvements made to it. It quotes entries in the city archives detailing the rebuilding costs of 1661-2, and prints a facsimile, in Gothic script, of the 1762 regulations governing the charges for the transport and lifting of different items.The crane was demolished in 1898; although its original plans were lost, reconstruction on the basis of plans for a similar crane started in 1977.The booklet contains a drawing of the old crane in situ, and reconstructed plans.
    KeywordsGermany, Archaeology & history

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