Der Schäl- oder Gerbgang für Spelz

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    English titleThe process of removing chaff from spelt
    Authors & editors

    Strakosch, Wolfgang [Author]
    Weber, Friedrich Wilhelm [Author]

    Publisher self-published
    Year of publication 1986

    German (main text)

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    Cereal processes


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    The first half of the booklet describes the history of spelt and its cultivation in the Palatinate, including the amount grown, yield and value in different places at different times.The second half of the booklet deals in precise detail with the process of removing the remaining chaff from spelt after it has been threshed and before it can be ground. In the Palatinate this is known as “gerben”; elsewhere it is “schälen”, and in Switzerland “röllen”. The description is based on the museum mill at St Julian in the Palatinate, where the mechanism for this process is thought to be the only one to survive in the whole of Germany. The author took the mechanism apart and was able to measure all the components and make drawings of them, which are reproduced here.

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