Guide to small wind energy conversion systems

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    Twidell, John [Author]

    Publisher Cambridge University Press
    Year of publication 1987

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    Generation of Electricity > Windpower


    Scope & contentThis enterprising book is intended as a practical guide to all wind energy generators up to 100kW rated capacity. Very small machines such as battery chargers are included, but the main emphasis is on the 20kW to 100kW range.

    Small wind energy conversion systems are being purchased and used in increasing numbers in the UK. These are mainly used in remote and island installations (especially on farms) to reduce dependence on conventional fuels such as oil and bottled gas. But the book is not just a practical handbook for those who have already installed a machine; the volume also supplies sufficient information to allow potential purchasers to decide if such a purchase would be cost effective for his or her particular need.

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