Windkraft: Die unerschöpfliche Energie (inexhaustible energy)

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    English titleWindpower
    Authors & editors

    Frees, Horst [Author]

    Publisher H. Frees
    Year of publication 1980

    German (main text)

    Medium Book

    Generation of Electricity > Windpower
    Energy & power > Steam power


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    After a review of current energy production, the book looks at alternative energy sources: water power, tidal power, wave power, geothermal, biochemical, solar and hydrogen, before embarking on its main subject, wind power.

    The bulk of the book deals with wind energy: the source of wind and variation in its strength; use of wind energy in the past eg in windmills; the development of wind turbines; examples of early power generation using turbines in Germany and the reason for its decline; the Honeff experiment from 1932 to 1946; current technology and its pros and cons. The section goes on to look at examples from Denmark and the US, and revived examples in Germany.

    The final part of the book considers the use of wind energy by private individuals to generate electricity for their own use, i. a. for pumping water, and looks at the various types of equipment available, and the regulations in force for the use of privately-generated power.

    The book is illustrated with black-and-white photos of historic turbines, diagrams and reproductions of advertisements for pumps and generators.

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