Etwas über Hohlmasse und Waagen in der alten Landmühle

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    English titleSomething about dry measures and weighing machines in old country mills
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    Studtje, Johannes [Author]

    Publisher Heimatverein der Landschaft Angeln
    Year of publication 1985

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    Wind & watermills > Other Europe (not GB) > Germany, Austria & Switzerland
    Cereal processes > Handling, storage & transport


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    The first part of the article, reprinted from the Year Book of the Heimatverein der Landschaft Angeln in Schleswig-Holstein, describes the dry measures used in mills in the area in the past: how they were calculated, how they related to each other, and local variations. It also gives local variations of the names, where applicable.

    It covers in particular the scheffel (bushel) and the ton; and also the matt – used to measure the amount paid to the miller in kind. These were in use until well into the 19th century, but the French introduced the decimal system in 1812: the conversions are also described.

    The article goes on to list expressions and proverbs (many in dialect) using words connected with the measurement system in mills: scheffel, ton, matt, kerbholz (tally), ell. Mills used different kinds of weighing machines: the article describes five of the traditional ones.

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