Water supply and irrigation papers of the United States Geological Survey: No. 8 Windmills for irrigation

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    Murphy, Edward Charles [Author]

    Publisher US Department of the Interior
    Year of publication 1897

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    Water supply & management > Irrigation & drainage


    Scope & content Presents the results of measurements on the useful work windmills were doing in 1896-7. Tests were carried out on 27 mills across the vicinity of the University of Kansas, results of which are shown in this paper. Includes discussion of the results under the following headings: 1. Relation between wind velocity and strokes, 2. Useful work in horsepower,3. Comparison of back-geared and direct-stroke mills, 4. Pump load due to well point 5. Useful work done in a given time6. Power Mills7. Total Energy of the wind8. Efficiency of mill

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