Wind Power Book

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    Park, Jack [Author]
    Redford, Robert [Author]

    Publisher Cheshire Books, Palto Alto, California
    Year of publication 1981

    English (main text)

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    Energy & power > Wind power


    Scope & contentThe Wind Power Book- all the information you need to make the wind work for you.

    All About: Wind generators, Farm Windmills, Wind Furnaces, Transmissions, Inverters, Energy Storage, Performance and costs, Energy tax credits.

    How to: Measure the windspeed, Plan a wind system, Design and build rotors, Install and maintain your system, Sell power to the utilities.

    For: Farmers and rural landowners, Designers, Engineers, Contractors, Homeowners, Tradespeople, and "New Age" entrepreneurs. Chapter Headings: 1. Introduction 2. Wind Power System 3. Wind Energy Resources 4. Wind Machine Fundamentals 5. Wind Machine Design 6. Building a Wind Power System 7. Perspectives. Appendix Bibliography Glossary Index

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