Weedley windmill site: R. Gregory

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    Gregory, Roy [Author]

    Publisher Mills Research Group
    Year of publication 1988 March

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    Wind & watermills > England > Yorkshire & Humberside


    Mills Research Group

    Scope & contentObjective of research
    As I live a few miles from the site of Weedley village, I have been intrigued by the fact that until recently the reference to a windmill in Weedley was regarded as the earliest reference to a windmill in England.

    The objective of the first phase of the research was therefore to attempt to locate the precise site of the windmill and thereafter to arrange for the site to be excavated. Members of the East Yorks. Arch. Assoc. have offered to undertake the dig if the site can be identified with reasonable certainty. The land owner has also expressed his willingness to allow the dig to take place.

    Significance of the Weedley site.
    Weedley is certainly one of the earliest known windmill sites in Western Europe. The 1185 reference is contained in an inventory of the Templar's lands. The windmill was clearly in existence before that date.

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