Deploying Renewables in Southeast Asia: Trends and potentials

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    Ölz, Samantha [Author]
    Beerepoot, Milou [Author]

    Publisher International Energy Agency
    Year of publication 2010

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    Renewable energy

    Scope & contentWorking paper including Driving forces for renewable energy deployment, Targets
    1 Indonesia
    2 Malaysia
    3 The Philippines
    4 Singapore
    5 Thailand
    6 Vietnam
    7 Overview of renewable energy targets

    Executive Summary
    This paper examines the situation in six of the ten countries that comprise the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN): Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam (collectively identified as ASEAN-6).1 In 2007, ASEAN-6 represented more than 95% of energy demand in Southeast Asia. Given their large populations and robust projected economic growth, these six economies are projected to account for more than 80% of energy demand growth in the medium term to 2030 (IEA, 2009).2

    A main focus of the report investigates the potentials and barriers for scaling up market penetration of renewable energy technologies (RETs) in the electricity, heating and transport sectors in the ASEAN-6 countries. In addition to analysing the implications of effective policies on renewable energy market growth, it examines how to overcome economic and noneconomic barriers that slow investment in renewable energy, and offers policy recommendations to encourage effective and efficient exploitation of renewable energy in Southeast Asia. As production is growing rapidly in the region, biofuels and their sustainability implications warrant special attention.

    Divisions within this publication

    • 1: Executive summary
    • 2: Introduction
    • 3: Current status of the energy sector in the ASEAN-6
    • 4: Policy support for renewable energy
    • 5: Prospects for renewable energy deployment
    • 6: Investment and financing of renewables
    • 7: Barriers to renewable energy deployment
    • 8: Conclusions and recommendations
    • 9: Annex A: Definitions, abbreviations, acronyms and units
    • 10: Annex B: References
    • 11: Annex C: Assessment of realisable renewable energy potentials
    • 12: Annex D: Demand for cooling in the ASEAN region

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