Sustainable Energy Systems in LAC as a part of Energy Sustainability

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    Tama, A [Author]
    Tama, V C [Author]
    Tama, A S [Author]

    Publisher Academia Letters
    Year of publication 2022 May

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    Climate, environment and development > The developing world
    Climate, environment and development > Renewable energy policy and economics


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    The world is currently undergoing a transition with two omnipresent phenomena, technology and climate change. The energy transition, towards greater diversification and decarbonization of the global energy mix, is inseparably related to international regulations on climate change and the SDGs.

    This is why the environmental impacts associated with the production of electricity from the implementation of a certain type of energy generation technology must be evaluated and weighed, where the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean – LAC
    have an enormous responsibility to participate; their governments must face, through their energy systems, complicated objectives, with the purpose of ensuring energy supply to meet present and future demand, providing in turn, accessibility and affordability to energy; and promoting environmental protection and energy savings.

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