Women in the Northwestern Miller magazine

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Rose, Starlina [Author]

Publisher The Mills Archive Trust
Year of publication 2024 March 8

Medium Digital

Arts, culture and heritage > The role of women


Scope & contentExtract from the preface to the original book

The role of women is explored in this, the longest section of the book, noting that Robert E. Sterling’s editorial lens throughout the 1930s was significantly misogynistic. Evidenced in the Women in Business Section, he implied that women’s ‘dainty’ feet could not fill the shoes of their departed husbands, asserting that the success of this category of women is due to the efforts of their dead husbands. Even global figures such as international traveller, fellow journalist and and crop expert E Cora Hind were treated condescendingly: “but she is as fond of pretty clothes as any other normal woman and takes a particular delight in a woman’s hobby of getting a “bargain” in clothes.”

The author has expertly and elegantly teased out several themes, using advertisements, outdated jokes and a selection of revealing quotations that render the 40,000 digitised pages inviting to the casual browser and invaluable for the focused researcher. She has confirmed our belief that “the Northwestern Miller is a uniquely deep and relevant source of historical data and insight behind the North American navigation of policy, perspective, and agricultural reality during the most economically impacted and impactful decade of the 20th century.”

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