Die Papiermuehlen und Papiermacher des Bergischen Strundertals

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    English titleThe paper mills and paper makers of the Berg Strunder valley
    Authors & editors

    Schmitz, Dr Ferdinand [Author]

    Publisher Heider-Verlag, Bergisch Gladback
    Year of publication 1979

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    Manufacturing > Paper


    Scope & contentSummary TranslationReprint, mainly in Gothic script, of a book completed in 1914 and first published in 1921, on the history of the paper industry in the Strunder Valley in North Rhine-Westphalia, starting in the late 16th century.It concentrates on the owners of the mills against the background of historical events. Most space is devoted to the important Zanders firm, founded in 1822, and which, according to the original introduction, donated the paper on which the book was printed, so that it could appear at an affordable price.There are few illustrations: three historical sketches and a photo of J.W. Zanders, founder of the firm.

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    • Notes: Reprint 1979, original 1921