Pine Creek grist mill: its history, technology and restoration

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    Metz, David [Author]

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    Year of publication 2015

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    Scope & contentThis is the story of Pine Creek grist mill, Muscatine County built by Benjamin Nye, a Pioneer Iowa Settler in the 19th century. He was the great grandson of Benjamin Nye who built and operated water mills in Sandwich, Massachusetts in the 17th century.

    This book describes the first sawmill and first grist mill that he built in the 1830's before building Pine Creek mill in the 1850. The history continues the development of milling technology through successive owners up to the introduction of roller milling in the 1890's. The mill ceased operation after the First World War. There follows over 40 pages of a very detailed description of the mill and its machinery.

    The remainder of the book contains nine lengthy chapters on the long-term restoration to a working mill including dating of the machinery, restoration of the steam engine and the millstone maintenance. Contains many photographs, illustrations and diagrams.

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