Komaromi mestersegek

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    Kecskes, Laszlo [Author]

    Publisher Madach
    Year of publication 1978

    Hungarian (main text)

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    Wind & watermills > Other Europe (not GB) > Eastern Europe


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    At the beginning of our century, the "century of civilization", the process of ancient crafts becoming redundant and gradually disappearing began. The younger generation only knows by hearsay the trappers who make filter paper, the vargas who tan leather, or the coopers and tanners. However, our observant age follows the lifestyle and customs of our ancestors with increasing interest, as a result of which more and more ethnographic and local history studies and collections of folk poetry appear.

    Komárom, the scene of our book's action, was famous far and wide not only for its fortification system, but also for its thriving craft industry for centuries. László Kecskés, who himself is a "late descendant of cart farmers, water millers and craftsman ancestors", collected and organized the memories that are still alive in the memories of the old craftsmen. He wrote a rich monograph on ethnographic history; mapped the formation of the guild of Komárom gold washers, water millers, shoemakers, fishermen, goldsmiths, carpenters, ship carpenters and cart farmers and... (more)

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