Nagy ezüst országút

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    Kósa, Csaba [Author]

    Year of publication 1985

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    Wind & watermills > Other Europe (not GB) > Eastern Europe


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    The seventh volume of our series tells about the Danube, the beauties of the landscape along the river, the almost archaic crafts of the people who live by and by the water, the events of our history connected to the Danube, old beautiful cities, monuments and modern industrial districts. What was life on the interislands in the past, and what should we save from its treasures; how the pepper miller and the gold washer work, and what a ship's helmsman needs to know; how Klapka protected the castle of Komárom, and why we protect the pristine wilderness of Gemenc - here are some topics from the interesting content of our book. The volume is enriched by around 250 artistic photographs.

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