Die Geschichte der pfälzischen Mühlen besonderer Art

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    English titleThe history of special types of mill in the Palatinate
    Authors & editors

    Weber, Friedrich Wilhelm [Author]

    Publisher Verlag Franz Arbogast
    Year of publication 1981

    German (main text)

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    Manufacturing > Paper


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    Detailed descriptions of the following types of mill: paper mills; fulling mills as used by weavers and tanners; tanning mills for leather making; powder mills; hemp stampers and roller mills; sawing and lumber mills; ore-crushing mills, smelters, iron works and blade grinding mills; agate grinding; plaster mills and similar (other minerals, dyes, spices, tobacco, bones); oil mills.

    The chapters, of varying length (paper mills take up nearly one quarter of the total), cover in greater or lesser detail the history, relevant procedures and equipment, with details of individual mills. The book is richly illustrated with black-and-white photos and diagrams.

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