Slusegaardens Molle og Orrehus

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    English titleThe Slusegaarden Mill and Trout House
    Authors & editors

    Jespersen, Anders [Author]

    Publisher Danske Mollers Venner
    Year of publication 1964

    Danish (main text)

    Medium Book

    Wind & watermills > Other Europe (not GB) > Nordic & Baltic countries


    Scope & contentThis 12-page booklet on the small Slusegaarden Watermill on Bornholm island from ca 1800 and the separate Trout House next to it from ca 1850 has photos of both inside and outside of the mill and photos of the outside of the trout house.

    There are also drawings of the restoration and the map of the river and the buildings. The restoration in 1950's and 1960's included importing equipment from Lille Munkegaards MoIle and Vasagaardens Molle as the inventory of the Slusegaardens Mill was almost completely destroyed.

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