Først Tile Mølle

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    English titleFirst to the mill
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    Pyndiah, Boum [Author]

    Publisher Greens Forlag
    Year of publication 2006

    Danish (main text)
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    Wind & watermills > Other Europe (not GB) > Nordic & Baltic countries


    Scope & contentThis book is a cultural-historical description of flour milling in Denmark at the time of industrialization from 1825 to 1900.

    There is a summary in English on pages 109 -112.

    The flour milling business was a Royal Privilege until 1862. In circa 1830 the King was interested in modernizing the existing wind-and watermills and he sent a representative around Europe to report on every single detail on modernisation in wind-and watermills.

    The deregulation of the milling privileges resulted in radical changes. Many mill-owners went bankrupt and lost their property due to increased competition.

    The book also deals with different types of wind-and watermills in Denmark including a description of the operation of custom mills, the miller's toll and the problems in working with the mills. Furthermore the book explores the jurisdiction of the milling trade, the role of commerce and the modes of production during the Royal Privilege and the social consequences of the new law in 1862.

    The book is illustrated by mainly 19th century paintings and detailed drawings on mills, waterwheels, mill stones and mill equipment-Inside the book there is also a copy of a. page of The Illustrated London News -May 14 1864 -with a drawing of the Duppel windmill in ruins.

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