Vallesia. Bulletin annuel de la Bibliotheque et des Archives cantonales du Valais, des Musees de la Valere et de la Marjorie

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    Year of publication 1988 XL Ill

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    A chapter on the history of water turbines, particularly in the Valais region of Switzerland. A brief history from the 18th century onwards including now forgotten models of water powered machinery for mills; specifically sawmills. Including the Turbines de Burdin (Burdin Turbines 1820-1824).

    Includes a list and map of the distribution of vertical wheel turbines; from 'Madeira to Japan' including, China; Middle East and China. Also a brief list of the locations of horizontal wheel turbines; predominantly found in mountainous areas; less so in the north and east of Europe.

    Includes historical references to horizontal wheels and various names of parts of the machinery, dating from the 15th century onwards. Information on the Latin roots of the terminology in various locations; particularly Latin roots to the introduction of the word "turbine."

    Information from archive records on the distribution of horizontal and vertical wheels across Switzerland, particularly the Valere region. Explains the lack of information in some areas; many mills disappeared without trace, Includes information on the Rhone River and its influence on the distribution of this technology. Includes a map of the distribution of both horizontal and vertical machinery.

    Includes a typology of various types of vertical and horizontal water wheel including the principals of classification and their historical record. Includes detailed illustrations of various types and parts of machinery. There is a list provided of types of parts including the type of wheel and how the types fit to other machinery.

    Includes labelled photographs of various examples in situ in various mills, showing the various types of horizontal and vertical wheels in their setting.

    Lastly there is a section on additional specifications; including various alternatives to parts of the machinery; including a list of locations and changes made. For example; changes in the usage of metal for the wheels. Includes information on the differences in location, water power and how successful these changes were in obtaining and using water power. Statistical information is given for the effectiveness of water power created by horizontal water wheel turbines in Valais. Includes information on the reliability of the statistics and how they were obtained from various sources.

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      Turbit et turbine. Les roues hydrauliques horizontales du Valais
      authors: Paul Louis-Pelet. Catherine Santschi; Renaud Bucher; Hans-J6rg Lehner; Pierre Dubuis; Francois Wible ;
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    • 5: Turbit et turbine. Les roues hydrauliques horizontales du Valais