Unterwegs im Vulkanpark: Ein geologischer, pflanzenkundlicher und kulturgeschichtlicher Streifzug durch Mendig, Bell, Rieden, Thür und Volkesfeld

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    English titleOut and about in the Vulkanpark
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    Meyer, Wilhelm [Author]
    Schumacher, Karl-Heinz [Author]

    Publisher Görres Verlag, Koblenz
    Year of publication 2004

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    A guide to the geology, flora and historical monuments of the Vulkanpark (Volcano Park) near Mendig in the Rhineland-Palatinate.The only connection with mills is scattered information about the production of millstones. An agreement was made in 1500 between the villages of Mayen, Kottenheim and Niedermendig, aimed at ensuring that the biggest possible stones were made. These were of high quality and exported all over Europe. The stones were quarried in the open air and from underground workings. From the 18th century they were also quarried from caves. A large area below Niedermendig is now hollowed out. The stones were taken by horse-drawn cart to Andernach on the Rhine and loaded onto ships. Slag from the Hochstein volcano was once also used for lower-quality millstones, probably for the coarse-grinding of grain and pressing of vegetables and oil. The colour photos include one of mining at Niedermendig, and one of the Hochstein slag.

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