Vorgeschichtliche Reibsteine aus der Umgebung von Mayen

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    English titlePrehistoric rubbing stones from the Mayen region
    Authors & editors

    Holtmeyer-Wild, Vera [Author]

    Publisher Verlag des Römisch-Germanischen Zentralmuseums, Mainz
    Year of publication 2000

    German (main text)

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    Energy & power > Development of technology
    Mining & extraction > Chalk, clay & stone


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    Discoveries of rubbing stones from Ettringen, Kottenheim and Mayen in the basaltic Eifel range are listed and discussed in terms of type, date, production process and grinding method. Although important work has been done on these stones previously, there have been many subsequent finds which call for a new evaluation.

    The main text starts with a block diagram of the geology and a topographical map of the area. It identifies nine different types of rubbing stone, which it illustrates with diagrams and descriptions, but with the caveat that it is not always possible to identify which type a particular stone belongs to, since finds in quarries may not have been the finished item, and others may have been repaired.

    It suggests an alternative evolution of the stones from the Neolithic via the Late Hallstatt to the Latene period from the one proposed in older studies of the subject. Detailed photos show the marks of tools on stones struck at different periods, including contemporary reconstructions.A catalogue lists details of 312 rubbing stones and 4 handstones.

    A map shows the different findspots, and the book ends with diagrams and photos of several of the stones in the catalogue, along with a glossary (in German) of technical terms.

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