Selected Papers of Boulton and Watt; The Engine Partnership, 1775–1825

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    Tann, Jennifer

    Publisher MIT Press, Cambridge, Mass
    Year of publication 1981

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    James Watt was granted his first patent on a steam engine in 1769, but he ran into financial difficulties in trying to exploit it. Fortunately, he was to find a solid businessman&-Matthew Boulton&-to handle the finances and marketing. In 1775, the firm of Boulton & Watt was established and obtained a twenty-five-year extension of Watt's patent. Watt's inventive genius and Boulton's keen eye for new markets and applications was a successful combination, and their engines were a prime power source for the first Industrial Revolution. The company's papers, and the personal papers of the founders, are preserved in Birmingham, England, and are a unique source of information and insight regarding the emergence of the modern technological era. The most significant and revealing of ...

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