Country House Library

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    Purcell, Mark [Author]

    Publisher Yale University Press
    Year of publication 2017

    Medium Book

    Arts, culture and heritage > Archives, libraries & museums


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    Beginning with new evidence that cites the presence of books in Roman villas and concluding with present day vicissitudes of collecting, this generously illustrated book presents a complete survey of British and Irish country house libraries.

    Replete with engaging anecdotes about owners and librarians, the book features fascinating information on acquisition bordering on obsession, the process of designing library architecture, and the care (and neglect) of collections.

    The author also disputes the notion that these libraries were merely for show, arguing that many of them were profoundly scholarly, assembled with meticulous care, and frequently used for intellectual pursuits.

    For those who love books and the libraries in which they are collected and stored, The Country House Library is an essential volume to own.

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