Clugston Distribution, specialised logistics in the milling and grain sector

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    Year of publication 2016 April

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    Scope & contentBy David Heath, Head of Logistics, Clugston Distribution

    It is well documented that millers and grain producers are under more pressure than ever to keep costs down and shorten delivery times for their customers.

    The demands of powerful retailers and increasing global competition leave little margin for error, so choosing an efficient logistics service that can manage the added pressure is a key factor in running a successful operation.

    As food supply chains grow longer, the complexity and unique pressures of food distribution requires specialist knowledge from logistics partners who possess a commitment to shorten delivery times and reduce costs…Read more.

    CASE STUDY - C. Marston & Sons Ltd
    One of the millers that Clugston is currently working with is C. Marston & Sons Ltd. Marston’s are an established family run flour milling and cereal processing company that has been doing business from its processing factory in Icklingham, Suffolk for over a century.
    According to James Marston, operations manager at C. Marston & Sons Ltd., “The company operates 24 hours a day 365 days a year, providing a range of biscuit and bread making flours to a wide range of customers across the UK and Northern Europe.” Mr Marston also added that, “Recently, our business has experienced rapid growth as we develop extensive national and international flour supply commitments to a wide variety of customers, due to this we needed to out source our bulk flour haulage operation to a professional operator.”
    “We were already aware of Clugston’s specialisms in the food industry and how they offer a professional service in the bulk flour delivery market which meets the requirements of our customers,” explained Mr Marston.


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