Grain management for reliable Feed Milling

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    Publisher Milling & Grain
    Year of publication 2023 June

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    Cereal processes > Animal feed milling


    Scope & contentAuthors: Dr. Claus M Braunbeck & Ralph E Kolb, Frigor Tec GmbH, Germany.

    Reliable feed milling depends on a good storage management of grain as it is responsible to maintain the quality of the grain before processing and to keep losses at a minimum. A good expertise is required and is based on the knowledge about the issues which grain faces during storage by nature and postharvest. It is worth looking into the advantage of the temperature management during storage as low temperature are effective for grain preservation.

    The constrains of grain storage:
    Prevention of Respiration Loss
    Prevention of weevil development
    Prevention of fungi and mycotoxins
    The way of grain cooling
    The basics for efficient operation of the grain cooler


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