Mühlenkultur in Schleswig-Holstein: Die Mühlen des Kreises Eckernförde und Nordfrieslands

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    English titleMill culture in Schleswig-Holstein
    Authors & editors

    Scheffler, Wolfgang [Author]

    Publisher Karl Wachholtz
    Year of publication 1982

    German (main text)

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    Wind & watermills > Other Europe (not GB) > Germany, Austria & Switzerland


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    An account of windmills and watermills in Eckernförde (Eckernforde) and North Friesland in Schleswig-Holstein, arranged by district. The material for the first part of the book was gathered in the 1930s, and that for the second part in 1949; much of it refers to administrative districts that have since been reorganised. The first half covers Eckernförde and the Danish Wahld (Dänischer Wohld). Most attention is paid to Eckernförde, where it describes in general terms, with diagrams, the types of windmill (post mills and different kinds of Dutch mills), and the watermills. It then lists all the mills, detailing location, date, builder, construction type, extra buildings and current situation, and ends with a list of sources. A much shorter section, covering similar ground, deals with the situation in the Danish Wahld.This is followed by a section on methodological questions of mill research, covering some of the same ground as in the first section.The second half deals with the mills of North Friesland by district: Eiderstedt, Husum and Südtondern (Sudtondern). It follows the same method as the first half: a general description followed by a detailed list. In Eiderstedt no watermills are mentioned. The book contains numerous black-and-white photos of mills, including a few of their components. The illustrations for North Friesland also include sketches of structural decorations and some components. There are also a number of maps showing the locations of the mills.

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