Fontaine de Vaucluse: Vallis Clausa:

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    English titleFountain of Vaucluse: Vallis Clausa: the paper mill
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    Maisonneuve, Michel [Author]

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    Year of publication 1996

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    Manufacturing > Paper


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    Guide to the village of Vaucluse in the Provence region of France.
    Most importantly the book includes a section on the paper industry in the village- briefly mentioning a paper mill (Vallis Clausa). Gives information from its origins in around 1562, to the impact of the world wars and its subsequent decline.
    Gives information on the area- key things to see and do, such as museums. Gives key information on the vestiges of the Chateau des Eveques de Cavaillon, and other churches in the village. Gives a list of places to visit, and information on key trades of the area- such as the fabrication of paper. Includes a section on the Eglise Sainte-Marie et Saint Veran (Saint-Marie and Saint Veran Church), giving information on its style, structure, and changes made over time. Also key things to see there such as the marble columns. Gives information on the saints the church is named after. Includes a section on the castle, giving the history of its construction; its height, width and dimensions. Gives information on key historical dates and its place within the village. For example, the village was devastated/ pillaged in 1353 and never fully recovered. Includes a section on the Roman-built canal, and aqueduct. Gives a map of the area and gives information on key historical dates. Also includes information on archaeological finds in the village. Includes information on key figure François Petrarque, a humanist, historian, archaeologist, and researcher of ancient manuscripts. He was born in Arezzo in 1304 and died in Arqua in 1374. Includes a section on the legends and tales associated with the village, particularly the canal.

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