Rex Wailes Collection. The life of Rex Wailes

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    Hodge, Nathanael [Author]

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    Year of publication 2023 March

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    Scope & contentRex Wailes was born in 1901 in Hadley Wood, Middlesex, to a family of engineers. After school he became an apprentice engineer to the firm Robey and Company in Lincoln, before joining the family firm George Wailes and Company in 1924. The firm had been started by Rex’s grandfather in 1855 and manufactured a variety of machinery. Rex would remain there for the rest of his working life. But his interest in engineering was more than a job – it was his life’s passion. So outside of working hours he devoted himself to researching and preserving the history of industry in the United Kingdom and worldwide – and central to that history is the story of milling...Read more.


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