"A great number of usefull books". From a small library to a world-leading collection

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    Cookson, Ronald F [Author]

    Publisher Milling & Grain
    Year of publication 2023 April

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    Scope & contentWhen we set up the Mills Archive exactly 21 years ago, we began with a small library of key publications. Today we are the proud custodians of the world’s biggest collection of books and journals covering the history of milling, where two corners of the library can only show a small sample of the Trust's holdings.

    The library is on the ground floor of a glorious 17th century house in the centre of Reading, only 30 minutes from Heathrow. Our reading rooms are attractive to visitors and provide a light and comfortable working environment for our volunteers and professional cataloguers.

    This unique information resource for millers and the milling industry is freely available to the public, as well as those with a specific interest, and is complemented by our archive of several million historical records. A well-appointed reading room allows supervised access to records and special collections. It also provides visitors with opportunities to attend seminars and browse our exhibitions. Milling content ranges from old Dutch millwrighting books, such as the one Mildred is preparing for an exhibition, to the story of modern milling from Victorian times to the present day.

    Our range is global, incorporating 25 languages ranging from Catalan to Welsh and we are working to make much available through our website, which already attracts 10,000 visitors a month (see…Read more.


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