Mühlen des Osnabrücker Nordlandes

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    English titleMills of the Osnabrück Nordland
    Authors & editors

    Dobelmann, Werner [Author]

    Publisher Schriftenreihe des Kreisheimatbundes Bersenbrück
    Year of publication 1980

    German (main text)

    Medium Book

    Wind & watermills > Other Europe (not GB) > Germany, Austria & Switzerland


    Scope & contentSummary TranslationA general description of the development of mills, with a focus on the Osnabrück area, where both water and later windmills were used, as well as horse mills. The area had flour mills, groat mills, hulling mills, oil mills, fulling mills, flax mills, pipe boring mills, tanning mills, paper mills and saw mills.The book begins by describing the legal position of mills and millers, the technology, and the regulations governing the power source and the operation of the mills. The bulk of the book lists the locations of known mills with very brief details of each. It ends with a consideration of the future of mills, most of which now use electric motors rather than wind or water; and a short table of historic weights and measures.The book is illustrated with a number of black-and-white photos of interiors and exteriors of mills, as well as a few diagrams and historic drawings.

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