Balaguer rolls. 100 years of engineering that today supports affordable and high-quality milled foodstuffs

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    Scope & contentBy Roger Gilbert, Milling and Grain

    Balaguer Rolls produces some 16,000 rolls annually for the flour, vegetable oil, chocolate and cereal industry globally – that’s 70 per day – ranging from 150mm to 812mm, based on rolls diameters. Without these precision-made rolls it is doubtful that our food industry could produce the food products of the quality we have come to expect and at a price that is affordable.

    Located in the hills that surround Alicante, the village of Onil, which looks down on Castalla and some 40km north of the coast, this company which employs just 160 staff, celebrated it’s 100 year anniversary in June. It has a global reputation as a most committed and advanced manufacturer of it’s type in the world. 99 percent of its production is exported to more than 130 countries.

    Rolls are manufactured from base metals including imported pig iron, scrap metals and a selection of specialist metals including titanium, chromium, manganese, cobalt, nickel but to name a few.

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